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Magic @ Sixers game thread

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Update: Elton Brand is out. Thaddeus will start.

This season is probably the worst I've endured as a sports fan. Most of you have been right here with me, so no need to write another thousand word 'whoa is me' rant. With 58 games in the books, I'm ready to wrap it up and move to the off-season. Unfortunately, we can't just fast forward through the last 24 games, so we have find something to keep us interested. Right now it's the lottery standings:

Lottery Team Record GB
10 Clippers 24-35 4
9 Sixers 22-36 2.5
8 Wizards 21-36 2
7 Pistons 21-38 1
6 Knicks 20-38 0.5
5 Pacers 20-39 --
4 Kings 20-39 --

Tonight we play the Magic. I see another loss in our future. Normally I'm excited to see how Jrue does against the opposing point guard, but Jrue Holiday v. Jameer Nelson doesn't really do it for me. I don't know what excites me -- if anything -- about tonight's game. Maybe how Speights does if he plays against Howard?

I'll be watching on DVR, and it's the perfect game (no homework, don't have to wake up early, nothing good on TV, etc.) to track things like Jrue and Lou's defense, so i'll do just that. If you're interested in anything else, like how many contested jumpers Iguodala takes, post your requests in the comments. Just make sure any requests are in by 4:30.

Also keep an eye on our lottery friends: Knicks @ Cavs and Jazz @ Clippers.

Happy Tuesday.

Go Sixers.

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