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Minnesota/Philly Rematch: Why Do We Keep Winning?

We're winners of 4 in a row and JSams has jumped on the "screw it, may as well win" train. I'm not quite there yet so hoorayyyyyyyy losses! We get to watch a young Wolves team that I think will be pretty good in a few years. Drafting Flynn/Rubio instead of some combo of Flynn/Curry/Derozan probably will set them back a bit, but if Ricky (who must be related to RickoT) comes over to the states eventually, things could get carayyyzeeee in Minneapolis. I like Ryan Gomes and Al Jefferson. Not a fan of Brewer and Love. Why'd the sign Ramon Sessions again? And why doesn't Wayne Ellington get more playing time? Jonny is my boy.

Let's put this winning streak to bed, folks. Trade Deadline 8 days away. Somebody pinch me. Thread it up.

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