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Big Board #16

Damion James wraps up 14 of only 44 votes to take the spot in his first time on the ballot, on what was probably a lot of name recognition. To read about 4 of the other guys on the ballot, check out some player profiles. I'm adding the 7'1 reincarnate of Samuel Dalembert, Nigerian native and Florida State center Solomon Alabi. Tell me if this sounds familiar:

  • Raw but intriguing bigman with great length and size
  • Picked up basketball at a late age so he's still developing basic IQ
  • Effective shot blocker in limited minutes
  • Still thin but can get stronger
  • Sometimes tries to do too much offensively
  • Looks awkward on the court and unsure of himself
  • Struggles against physical players
  • Poor court vision and passing ability

Yeah, I know. But if he figures it out (like Sam is pretending he has this season), he could be a great defensive asset with something like a decent offensive game and possibly a post move or two and a 10 foot jump shot. A lot of if's and but's, but that's what you get when you draft height but not brain. There he is. Hopefully we get more than 44 votes this time. SLACKERS!

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