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Soooo we won.  It's almost 5 AM, and I'm awake writing this recap.  So quick quick quick updates so I can get my head to SLEEP.  Thad dropped 17 to lead the team.  Andre had 14-10-6-3 on 8 shots because he's a baller and in the words of E-40, "can't nobody hustle harder than" him.  Haha could still be feeling the effects of the nights events (as Jordan instructed me to) so pardon the oddities of this summary. I honestly have no idea how we won, so I'll just assume there was a bomb threat at the arena and the Rockets left while the 76ers mustered a few more buckets to win in the last minute.  46 bench points and 10 three's.  But we let up 15 offensive rebounds and Aaron Brooks put up 34.  Dalembert played his 14th straight game with double digits rebounds.  Money.  Willie Green, meanwhile, couldn't muster up a rebound in 25 minutes.  Atta boy.  Defense hunkered down in the second half, we got the win.  That's 4 in a row.  I don't get it.  Eddie is still the coach.  Where am I?

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