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"See This Team is Really Young and Talented"

This is eerily similar to year's past. Get off to a slow start -- really slow -- blame the coach, get into an Andre Iguodala "superstar" debate, flirt with the idea of blowing it up, start playing well, go through the "see this team is really young and talented" spiel, etc., etc.

I bought into the "young and talented" idea two years ago. Last year, it took some convincing, but once again, I bought in. This time I'm not falling for it.

Eddie Jordan's rotation is looking less "quirky". The Sixers itty bitty talent is beginning to surface, and the players were all cured of their inner-zombie -- but this team is still mediocre, inside and out.

Don't give me this coach nonsense. This same group of players has done the on again, off again thing since 2006 -- under three different coaches. 

For the past couple weeks I've been rooting for losses, ping pong balls and a "blow up" (not to be confused with a "blow out"). But I've come to realize, the Sixers won't be bad enough to land a top five pick, and they probably won't "blow it up". They'll make a playoff run in a weak Eastern Conference, and whether they get in or not, management will once again, have the "see this team is really young and talented" card in their back pocket. 

Unfortunately, there's nothing I can do about it. When I root for them to win, they lose, and when I root for them to lose, they win. So I did what any loyal fan would do -- I jumped back on the bandwagon of false hope. Only this time I won't drink the Kool-Aid at the "see this team is really young and talented" end-of-the-year party.

Last night, I wanted a plan I could back 100 percent. Tonight, I accepted my fate. 

As much as it pains me to say... Go... Sixers!

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