Possible Iguodala Trade, Whats your take?

I was checking out the ESPN NBA trade machine, and I saw a couple Iggy trades that caught my eye.

Option 1

Option 2

I know the sixers are trying to free up cap space for this summer bonanza so a trade that eliminates nearly $40 million from next season's books is nothing to sneeze at. We could get rid of the salaries for Delembert and Iggy and get Shaq's $21 million expiring contract and perhaps some younger cheaper talent in return. Shaq obviously doesn't want to play for this team so I assume a buyout could be reached so he could return to the cavs for the rest of the season.

I know the cavs are really pushing all in to win it this year, so I've got to assume that they would be willing to toss out cash and draft picks if we were to make a trade like this. This much cap relief is really really big right now with the free agents available next year, so don't overlook that either.

What do you guys think? Something along these lines reasonable?

Feel free to post some alternate routes the sixers could go that you think are more reasonable.

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