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The Life of a Sixers Fan

Since the Sixers are supposed to be in pre-rebuild mode I can't force myself to get excited over these wins. That's what last year was for. That's what the year before was for. That's what the year before the year before was for. I've seen this movie three years in a row. We have a team with a mixture of talent, young and old. We start poorly, finish strong and end up saying to ourselves, "Next year is our year," yet instead of moving forward and building toward a championship, we invent new ways to be mediocre.

Winning games is nice, but we need to take a step back and look at the big picture. The Sixers have the potential to be a .500 team. If they continue to play like they have during this winning streak, they'll finish with around 35 wins -- maybe a couple more if they get hot. So let's say they finish with 38 wins. A 38-44 record won't get you in the playoffs. A 38-44 record gets you at least one more year of Eddie Jordan, one more year of mediocrity, and one more year of drafting a prospect with the ceiling of a role player.

Our entire franchise is in total 'lame duck mode' right now. There's been rumors of our coach being fired, and there's been rumors of our GM being fired -- who coincidentally is shopping the team's best player. 

The Sixers need to make up their mind whether they want to win now or re-build, so I can make up my mind whether I should root for playoffs or ping pong balls.

If the Sixers brass thinks this core is capable of winning a championship someday, let's go -- balls to the wall. Let's get the right coach in here. Let's keep Iguodala, Brand and Dalembert. Let's trade away our young talent to acquire "the missing piece". If not, let's do the opposite. Let's trade Iguodala, Brand and Dalembert. Let's keep our young talent. Let's worry more about developing players than winning 35 games and keeping the veterans happy.

That's all I want from my team, a concrete plan that I can back 100 percent. Because them not having a plan is making it really difficult to be a fan.

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