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Sixers @ Hornets game thread

The Hornets will be without CP3 and Marcus Thornton tonight, which means it's the Bruin show at point guard. The young gun Jrue Holiday v. the grizzled veteran Darren Collison, who pulled a Jay Leno on Jrue back at CLA of U.

"I've done everything I can do on the college level. In other words, I'm a baller. And where do ballers go? The NBA; that's right son! Now itz all you Jrue."

"You know what, I've decided I want my spot back. How 'bout you move Jrue to a different position?"

Jrue must have nightmares about Air Darren. Good thing Jrue's starting spot is guaranteed tonight, and he's a lock for 30+ minutes. Psyche! Can this kid catch a break?

Scoreboard Watch:

(16-31) Pistons @ (17-32) Pacers

(21-26) Bucks @ (19-29) Knicks

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