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Sixers Rumors: Iguodala to Mavs?

From ESPN's Rumor Central.

An NBA source speaking to said this: "Phoenix desperately wants Andre. They are pushing this. That I know for a fact."

ESPN's Chad Ford indicated a similar scenario as well yesterday. But it seems that Sixer GM Ed Stefanski is the one holding onto his cards right now.

Hopefully Stefanski's holding out for the Dallas deal. What Dallas deal? This Dallas deal...

The Mavs are involved in "due diligence'' regarding entering trade discussions with the Sixers for Andre Iguodala, sources tell And they add that there are three specific debate points - and in conflict with some published reports, one of them is not having to take on the contract of Samuel Dalembert, but rather having to take on the contract of Elton Brand.

That's right folks; Andre Iguodala and Elton Brand. If you're an advocate of the blow up de jour, this is deal is for you. This would give the Sixers an insane amount of flexibility, force them to be bad enough to land top 5 picks for at least two years, and allow them to focus on player development, and player development only. 

Since I'm a fan of the blow up de jour, I'd be happy with simply dumping the Iguodala and Brand contracts for expirings (Josh Howard and Erick Dampier). But I'd feel like I just won the lottery if the Sixers were somehow able to pry Roddy B and/or picks away from the Mavs. Roddy is only 21 and I feel like him and Jrue would be a dynamite twosome at the point guard for years to come. Roddy is thought to be untouchable, but if Cuban thinks he can win a championship or two with Kidd, Terry, Iguodala, Brand, Dirk (which he will) then he has to pull the trigger. 

I'm in love with this hypothetical trade and it's enough to keep hope alive until either a) Iguodala is traded elsewhere or b) the deadline comes and goes without a deal.

For comedy's sake, here's an update on ESPN's Rumor Central.

UPDATE: As we told you this morning, Sixers GM Ron Stefanski said this about Iguodala: "Do we want to trade Andre Iguodala? No. But will we talk if people want to talk about him? Sure."

You read that correctly. Ron Stefanski is our GM.

Our old GM, Ed, spoon feeds Sixers fans a bowl full of nonsense, sprinkled with poop cubes.

"We've been through the league more than once," Stefanski tells the Philadelphia Daily News. "We've talked to numerous teams. You never know until it gets closer to the deadline whether a deal is going to pop or not. But we are looking for value back. If we make a trade, we are looking to improve the basketball team, not just to get rid of players."

"Do we want to trade Andre Iguodala? No," Stefanski added. "But will we talk if people want to talk about him? Sure. It's just like if we talk to another team about another player. It's the same way. Where we are right now sitting, we don't have a lot that I would say is hot, but it's still plenty of time even though it's still a little over 2 weeks away. Things could heat up."

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