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Big Board #15

After this vote, we're a quarter through the Big Board. Freakishly-athletic wingman Stan Robinson raked in 40% of the voting last round and takes home 14. Everybody slides up the list and we'll add one in the name of Texas senior forward Damion James. To view profiles of the other candidates go HERE (or here, but they're the same place. PUNKED!) Here's Damion:

If you've watched any college basketball the past four years, you've seen Damion James rake in a double-double or 50. He's got a similar skill set to Stanley Robinson but with a few key differences. DJ is basically a finished product at this point. He brings athleticism, slashing, and rebounding to the table, and a decently consistent jump shot (37% from beyond the past 3 years), but is lacking severely in ball-handling and distributing. His legs are tree trunks, and his upper body could be the strongest in the nation (hyperbole). His power makes up for his shoddy handles and gets him from the 3-point line to the basket with one strong dribble. Ferocious dunks and ferociouser rebounds make up Damion's M.O. but don't necessarily give him a position at the next level. He profiles as a 3/4 tweener, with the abilities of a 4 but the height of a 3. I'd comp him with Brandon Bass with less of a post game, but better outside shooting and decent handling for a 4. He's so strong and long (and gong?) that he can use his high motor to match up with taller defenders in the post. James is also already 22 years old and for whatever reason most GMs don't think people over age 20 are worth a shot, so he may slip into the late first. He'd really help a team right now looking for a high octane bench guy to score, rebound and defend, but I think he could develop into a legitimate starter in two years. Plus, I love him. Yes, I admittedly get far too excited over mid-level draft prospects, and I've come to terms with that.

On another note, has their latest mock draft out with Xavier Henry going 22nd. Put this on the record that if X goes later than 15, I'll eat my face. The end.

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