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Sixers @ Suns game thread


Both teams are playing their second of a back-to-back and I think there's zero chance the Sixers win this game. Steve Nash missed last night's game with the situation injury, but is officially listed as probable tonight. I'd like to see him play for two reasons.

  1. This.
  2. I want to see what the new starting lineup (Jrue, Lou, Iguodala, Brand, Dalembert) can do against a completely healthy Suns team.

Check out Bright Side of the Sun for all your Suns needs, and general truth.

Statistically, [the Sixers] are pretty mediocre all-around. They don't suck too bad in any one area nor do they excel. They just kind of exist. They are in NBA purgatory. Too good to be a solid lottery team and too bad to make the playoffs. Must be a miserable time to be a Sixers fan.

My hope for tonight is, the starters to outplay the Suns starters (Sixers starters were +12 last night), but the Suns come out on top. Development + lotto balls!

P.S. Happy 50th Birthday mom!

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