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Film Review: Lou/Jrue Defense

I decided to go back and watch every defensive possession in the Spurs game, and focus on the man-to-man defense of Jrue Holiday and Lou Williams. I didn't track assists unless their man got into paint and created for a teammate. And there was a case where George Hill got free for a wide open layup, and I couldn't decide if it was Jrue's fault for not switching or Iguodala's fault for switching, so I threw that basket out. Here are the numbers:

Jrue Holiday

  • Opponents shot a combined 5-17 (29%) against Jrue.
  • Of the 17 shots, 8 were contested (47%).
  • Tony Parker was 0-5 against Jrue (3 contested).
  • Manu was 4-10 against Jrue (5 contested), and had one assist where he got into the paint and set up a wide open McDyess. 
  • Roger Mason was 1-1 against Jrue (0 contested).
  • George Hill was 0-1 against Jrue (0 contested).
Lou Williams
  • Opponents shot a combined 2-8 (25%) against Lou.
  • Of the 8 shots, 4 were contested (50%).
  • Tony Parker was 0-3 against Lou (1 contested).
  • George Hill was 1-2 against Lou (1 contested).
  • Keith Bogans was 1-1 against Lou (0 contested).
  • Roger Mason was 0-2 against Lou (2 contested).

Jrue played defense than I originally thought. He had the tougher task of guarding Manu Ginobili and pressured the ball really well, but Lou did a solid job too.

Note: I did the Spurs game because I didn't watch the Bulls game, and I don't have it on my DVR. Plus it was a 32-point blowout. I'm pretty sure not much positive happens in a 32-point blowout.

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