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Sixers Trade Deadline Coverage

Update #5 (Thursday 9:36AM): Chad Ford says deal has been agreed to ...

Not that many care ... but Sixers-Bucks deal of Meeks-Elson-2nd rounder for Brezec & Ivey is agreed to. Waiting for trade call.

Update #4 (Thursday 9:10AM): Chad Ford says the Sixers and Bucks are in serious talks.

Latest: Bucks in serious talks with Sixers. Meeks, Elson and a 2nd to Philly for Brezec and Ivey

Update #3 (Wednesday 4:27PM): Eddie Jordan thinks the Sixers will "stand pat".

Eddie Jordan said Wednesday that he doesn't expect the Sixers to make a major deal by Thursday afternoon's trade deadline.

"We're going to pretty much stand pat, from what I understand," Jordan said.

Update #2 (Wednesday 10:07AM): Kate Fagan reports the Sixers were offered Tracy McGrady and Chase Budinger for Andre Iguodala and Samuel Dalembert a few weeks ago ...

According to a source with first-hand knowledge of the situation, the Houston Rockets were willing to trade McGrady and rookie guard-forward Chase Budinger for Andre Iguodala and Samuel Dalembert. In fact, the Rockets wanted to do this deal. The money works and the Rockets were willing to take on Iguodala's $56 million remaining contract and Dalembert's $12 million next year.

Update #1 (Wednesday 10:03AM): Stefanski on not wanting to "blow it up" ...

"I have talked to season-ticket holders, I've talked to fans, I've talked to the press, who all have different theories and ideas of how it would be better to, in their term, 'Blow it up,' " Stefanski continued. "When people say you blow it up, there are a lot of things you need to think about in just dismantling a team like that. You're not always guaranteed when you dismantle that team and you draft in a certain spot, that the player you want is going to be there, the franchise player is going to be there. Or the year you may have the cap space, that the player will be there."

When asked if he thought a deal would be made, Stefanski told the Philadelphia Daily News: "I don't know, I wish I knew. We're still talking to a lot of teams in the league. We make calls and they call us."

We're a little less than 41 hours till the trade deadline, and the latest rumor is the Sixers plan on keeping Iguodala.

One source close to the team indicated that Iguodala was very unlikely to be traded. Another source close to negotiations said that "unless they change their position," the Sixers would not be trading Iguodala and are absolutely not looking to shed salary.

That's all well and good, but in the Sixers final game before the deadline, they watched their team get blown out, booed, and bathed in "Fire Eddie!" chants. I imagine they'll reevaluate. 

Check back for constant updates.

Happy Deadline's Eve Eve.


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