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Suckfest 2010

This team has never died on the floor. They're not going backwards. This is a testament to this team - we haven't been blown out.

-- Eddie Jordan

Well that's that.  It doesn't matter who the coach is, if the team shoots under 38% from the field, 1-12 from 3, and under 64% FT, while letting up percentages of 51-42-80, you are not going to win the game.  It also didn't help that the Sixers were out-rebounded 52-37.  Hope everyone had a great all-star break, now I want the entire team to be traded or fired.  I honestly don't care if we only get expirings back in return.  Clean house.  No one is good.  Championships matter.  Mediocrity doesn't.

One positive about the game: It took 2 hours and 5 minutes.  At least when we get our asses kicked we get it done quickly.  TAKE THAT BRETT FAVRE!

I'll post this again just for funsies.  Go here to make fun of our team.

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