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Back to the Grind: Sixers/Heat

The Philadelphia 76ers take the court tonight against the Miami Heat, providing us with a much-needed reminder that this team does occasionally play some basketball, in addition to their normal routine of being involved in every trade rumor and failing to get the deal done. Dwyane Wade hopes some help comes his way before the trade deadline (3 days 3 days 3 days) and he could use it with the 26-27 record and the 7 seed. They could use a center or a point guard and I'm not sure what kind of package they're thinking about, but I'm sure it's going to be Lorenzen Wright and Dan Dickau to solve their problems (they solve my problems anyway).

Allen Iverson will take the court after a multiple game absence caring for his sick daughter, and we'll see what kind of changes will come to the rotations and on-court production that happened while he was gone. The Sixers next game is Friday at 7, so this will be it for your current Sixers should Stefanski decide to make a move. Get a good look at them, because they'll probably all still be here when the Spurs come to town. I'm banking on nothing happening, because why would it? We're poised for a playoff push and I think this roster has championship potential. OK, let me just say we here at Liberty Ballers have two opinions that are the basis of almost every argument -- JSams, who has gotten tired of calling out Eddie Jordan, believes the coach is barely at fault, if at all; then everybody's favorite poster, RickoT, who blames EJ for the economy, can't see past the idea that "we don't know what we have yet so we shouldn't make a trade" -- both arguments have been made and re-made, and in Ricko's case re-re-re-re-re-made, and they're both wrong. Eddie is an awful coach who has made even awful-er coaching decisions the first half of the season than Cheeks or DiLeo ever made. But. This team just isn't very good, so even if Ditka himself coached the boys, we'd be a middle of the road .500 team that lost in the first round again -- so why bother? The only way to get back to being a contender is to break it down and rebuild. Fire everybody, trade everybody, free up space to go after a stud free agent or just suck for 3 years while accruing draft picks and build a young dynasty from the bottom up. I know this won't do anything to change anyone's opinion, nor will it stop RickoT from making his page long posts about everything he would've done differently from Eddie Jordan during the game, but it's the first game after the ASB, so I felt like giving it a shot.

Anyway, go Sixers or something.

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