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The Liberty Ballers Glossary

When you start reading a blog, you enter a community with a very different language from one you're used to. Especially on the SB Nation network, the communities are continuing to grow and new people are coming to the 290+ sites every day. It's easy for me, Tanner, and Jordan to forget that many of our readers don't know the inside jokes and humorous nuances that we put into most of our blog posts (not Derek, dude's like an elephant). Well I thought it would be a nice gesture to create a handy glossary of terms and expressions for the peeps and peepers who are new to the site.

#missionBJ - Last year, the Sixers had no shot of contending for anything meaningful by December. So we started rooting for losses in order to procure a top 3 draft pick and select one of John Wall, Evan Turner, or Derrick Favors. The hunt for losses was titled missionWTF for the first letter of each of their last names. When Tanner and Derek rigged the ping pong balls at the Lottery to get us the second pick, #missionWTF was successful. This year, the targets are UNC's Harrison Barnes and Baylor's Perry Jones III, hence #missionBJ. Any reference to oral sex is entirely mostly coincidental. The hashtag pound sign is from twitter, where the original phrase came about. Get your shirts here!

More after the jump. These are not alphabetical, because I'm thinking of them off the top of my head.

"BUST" - Due to the overreactions to the summer league and preseason play of Evan Turner, many people went so far as to call the second overall pick a bust, only a fraction into his career. Now we just say it all the time, usually when he does something good, but sometimes when he does something bad.

Any word with 'd at the end -

"Ricko'd" - One of our favorite and most loyal commenters, RickoT, has an interesting set of opinions. When someone mentions a player scoring 20+ ppg or having to score 25 points per quarter as a team to be successful, undoubtedly, someone else will reply with "Ricko'd". He even has his own set of awards named after him.

"Dongaila" or "Dong" - The nickname given to Darius Songaila accidentally by Jordan Sams, on record as being the top NBA nickname so far this season. This will stick forever. Dong can also be substituted for words like "Primoz" and "Francisco Elson" and "WHERE IS MY SUPER SUIT?!"

"Shots" - Based on the Liberty Ballers Drinking Game, which burst into your homes last week, shots are taken when a number of things happen, most of them having to do with Dongaila getting in the game or shooting a basketball.

Anytime someone uses Caps - That means they're most likely being sarcastic. Case in point: "HE'S GOOD BECAUSE HE SCORES 20 PPG." Got it?

Booker T - Booker T is a WWE wrestler that Tanner and I reference often, usually with some variation of the catchphrase: "Can you dig that, sucka?"

LOST/Arrested Development/The Wire/Dexter - Popular television shows that, again, Tanner and I reference too often. Tanner's LOST-devoted post and my Arrested Development post go down in history as the least basketball-related things to ever be published on an NBA blog.

"Basketball Sense" - Ed Stefanski's reasoning for all of the moves he's ever made or not made. Here it is in full detail.

Jodiac Killer/Meekster/Modie Jeeks/JODES/Freak-a-Meek - All nicknames for the best player on the planet, Jodie Meeks.

"Speezy Sez" - A sometimes-defunct series chronicling the life and times of the Twitter of Marreese Speights. We are primarily responsible for it being shut down. Call us the Drudge Report of this decade. That fittingly makes Speights into Bill Clinton. I think Tanner would be Monica Lewinsky.

Post a picture of Peja Stojakovic's head in the Game Thread - It's fun to do, and it stems from one game where Peja killed us. Actually, he's killed us his whole career.

Any Full House reference - Aside from it being a timeless piece of television, my cousin was on the show, Tanner's something or other was in the band for the show, and frequent guest/bed-wetter Scott Schroeder started the fan club.

"Iggy" - NOT the nickname of Andre Iguodala. He don't like it.

Jruth - The corniest, most unoriginal nickname we could think of for the Sixers young point guard. Jrue said so himself, right before he kindly endorsed our blog, and the corny nickname in this classic YouTube video.

The Jodies - An annual award show, consisting of the finest celebrities, the funniest jokes, and the best of the best from the Sixers' season.

"Rec'd" - Short for recommended. When readers enjoy a comment, FanPost, FanShot, or story as much as this smokin' hot lady, or other enjoyable things they use the 'rec button', usually followed by a comment containing the simple phrase: "rec'd".

Noce Turkey - No time is a bad time for Noce Turkey!

The Villain - The nickname Mark Titus gave to Evan Turner during their Ohio State days. Titus claims Turner likes the nickname, but rumor has it he's not too fond. Regardless, we have sweet Villain tees in our LB shop!

Meatwad - The cartoon character from Aqua Teen Hunger Force whose voice sounds strikingly similar to Evan Turner's.

Willie Green (aka Bill Green) and Eddie Jordan - Words or phrases that will send you straight to Liberty Ballers Hell.

Fruity Pebbles - Jrue Holiday's super-secret-stuff pre-game meal and the reason for his success.

"Zumoff'd" - Whenever you quote Marc Zumoff. Phrases like "man's rebound", "fighting the good fight", "fingertip control", "the weight room", "locking all windows and doors", "dirty dancing", and "on the see-saw" are just a few of our favorites.

Killer Instinct - Experts and analysts reference this all the time. It's the reason Iguodala is bad, Turner is a bust, and Allen Iverson was great, apparently. According to the LB scouting report, I have it in full. This is used as frequently as possible.

So there you go! Hope you feel more enlightened. We'll keep this on the sidebar so all you newbies can reference it whenever you'd like. I'll keep adding to it as more nicknames and hullabaloo come up. Until then, stay Ricko'd, Philadelphia.

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