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Jodie Meeks and Sixers Take Care of Business and Bobcats 109-91

The Jordan Sams Guarantee. What type of value does this hold? Apparently, it's the greatest guarantee known to man or bovine. After last night's collapse in A-town (not Allentown), Jordan told us to book a Sixers victory over the Bobcats. He couldn't have been more right.

The Sixers dropped the first six points, the Bobcats answered right back, and then the Jodie Meeks Show debuted with 7:18 left in the first. Modie hit a wide open three, immediately followed by a beautiful take to the bucket. Freak-a-Meek (is that the second Petey Pablo reference tonight? YEP!) decided his time wasn't up as he connected on five, yes five, more three-pointers for the quarter. The only thing that slowed him down were the fouls he picked up, forcing him out of the game earlier than a Sixer fan would hope.

The only thing that topped Meeks' final three-pointer of the first quarter was Marc Zumoff's classic "YESSSSS!!!!!" that followed it. This season hasn't presented the Zumster with many opportunities to make his patented, emphatic calls that could rival a Gus Johnson call any day of the week, especially Saturdays (HEY, THAT'S TODAY!).

The starting lineup, for what seems like the first time all season, was the best tandem the Sixers put out during the game. The +/- totals for all five were as follows: Jrue Holiday +15, Jodiac Killer +28, Andre Iguodala +25, Elton Brand +16,  and Spencer Hawes +28. I know +/- numbers can be, many times, unreliable indicators on how individuals played, but tonight the large gap definitely showed the impact this particular lineup had. We've already gone over how the Meekster (seriously, could this guy have more awesome nicknames?) rocked the house. Point guard of the past, present, and future (more-so present and future, but I guess you could count the second half of last season as past)

Jrue Holiday came through with 15 points, 7 dimes, and just 3 turnovers all while holding opposing point guard D.J. Augustin to one assist. Andre Iguodala was vintage Dre tonight providing a little scoring, ball distribution, rebounding, and defense. Elton Brand added another notch to his comeback season double-double belt (it's a neat belt) while also connecting on seven of his eleven attempts from the field. Although Spawes only contributed six points to the scoreboard, he didn't get in the way offensively, and provided solid rebounding while not allowing the Charlotte bigs to take over on the offensive end.

Thaddeus Young and his all red Nike Hyperfuses got back to what he was doing before the last two games and that's providing volume scoring on a low amount of shot attempts. Thad took just eleven shots, and ended with 20 puntos (Spanish for points. We're cultured here at LB). Andre also had a slick behind the back pass in transition to Thad near the end of the first half. You should see that on some sort of top-10 list tomorrow, especially if it's a "Top 10 NBA Behind the Back Passes that Occurred During a Sixers/Bobcats Game" list.

Although the Bobcats have two of the best players in the NBA (I'm lying) in Stephen Jackson and Gerald Wallace, the Sixers were able to keep those 'Cats explosive scoring ability (again, lying) in check as they combined for only as many points as a certain #20 had for the Sixers tonight.

Like I was last Saturday, Derek was in attendance with credentials tonight. And like Mike that night, I don't want to steal too much of Derek's thunder as I'm sure he'll have some good stuff for us shortly. Personally, I'm hoping for a video of Meek-me-in-the-trap (it's goin' down!) doing the macarena in a poncho.

Sorry #missionBJ'ers, tonight belongs to the folks that had the hope the Sixers could beat a truly mediocre-to-below-average team.

Lastly, of course, I regret to mention Dongaila was inactive. Shots anyway I say!

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