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Andre Iguodala Sidelined Next Five Games

Per Mike Preston:

Coach Collins says Iguodala will miss next five games (including tonight) due to bilateral achilles tendonitis, giving him two weeks rest.

Andre Iguodala missed the previous two contests against the Warriors and Suns. Him missing the Suns game freed up quality time for Evan Turner to show us a glimpse of what he can do in the future for this franchise. As Derek reported in the recap for that game, Turner's numbers have been far superior when Iguodala has been in a Don Draper-esque suit on the bench.

In Kate Fagan's most recent post, it appears the decision to sit Dre for the remainder of the road trip and the first two games after returning home came from Doug Collins.

Sixers coach Doug Collins has decided to give Iguodala extended rest to heal the tendinitis, which has been a lingering issue for Iguodala all season. Iguodala's next scheduled on-court activity is Jan. 10.

With the absence of Dre, the most important thing (to me at least) over the next five will be the aggressiveness and decision-making ability of Turner. If we can get the style of play he displayed on Wednesday, it should be a beautiful five game stretch.

Get well soon Dre! Hope to see you back on the floor (healthy) as soon as possible.

h/t, as usual, The Legend and his ducks.

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