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Sixers @ Hawks Bananas GameThread

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Philadelphia 76ers (5-13)


Atlanta Hawks (12-7)


TV: Comcast SportsNet, NBA League Pass Channel 6

Tip Time: 7:30 PM EDT

Location: Phillips Arena

Vegas Line: 6 (Hawks)

Previous Meeting: Sixers 101 - Hawks 104

Mortal Enemies of the Night: Peachtree Hoops

76ers vs Hawks coverage

  • Evan Turner won't be starting

  • Joe Johnson won't be playing

  • Zaza Pachulia might be dancing

  • The Sixers are currently 2-game streaking

  • After the jump, check out some young Noce pics courtesy of our favorite NoceFanatic



Let's get back to 300 tonight, I'll be commenting my little cranium off.