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Liberty Ballers Christmas Presents!

I know there's a good number of people who don't celebrate Christmas (raises hand) but that doesn't mean we can't give out digital presents Oprah style! 'Tis the season for giving, and I got so much fake goodies in my shopping cart that I'd love to give you all of you's. First, the blog lords.

Jordan - A house in Philadelphia so you don't have to deal with, you know, being 2,700 miles away all the time! Boston isn't good enough! Welcome to the 'iladelph, son!

Derek - Mind synergy. It's an advanced new product that you download into your brain, so you don't have to watch hours and hours of gameplay later because it's already there! You'd look like a cyborg but that's collateral damage!

Tanner - The Wire box-set, only all of the characters faces have been replaced by characters from LOST and Full House! Oh, and Dexter is Avon Barksdale! And Biggy did the soundtrack!

Dig deeper under the LB tree after the jump! Start screaming now!

yosoysean - An ornately designed chair with wings that shoot out when you want to fly around and survey your land!

prideoux - A mail-order wife from Istanbul!

tk76 - A gold stethoscope with platinum ear plug thingies!

LeQuan Glover - An endless supply of cinnamon buns!

The Legend - A life-size Oprah robot!

Tron79 - A Segway!

dweebowitz - A whole bunch of goofy Dad ties!

hart ford - The left leg of Mel Gibson! I ripped it off him!

tmoore - Videos of us taking videos of the Sixers personnel!

Saul - The world's largest dreidel!

soman319 - A bootleg copy of Dirty Dancing 4: Pirouette This!

Ben16 - Joel!

RickoT - A Derrick Favors bobblehead!

DeanH - A gift certificate to the Olive Garden!

packimop - The things I keep in my loose floorboard under the attic!

joe_digiacomo - Marc Zumoff!

NoceOne - Andres Nocioni's spleen!

CPaulin - The Hobbit filming in New Zealand!

jefu - A samurai sword!

James_C - The Spencer Hawes haircut!

LouWilliamsMVP - A sedative!

chapuforyou - For you, Chapu!

jrb5094 - Out-of-date HD-DVDs!

saveourbluths - Bowling shoes!

mopey - Xanax! 'Cause you're mopey!

JoshuaR - A field of dandelions all to yourself!

briztoon - Jodie Meeks' jock strap!

shova - A stripper pole!

guitarmouse35 - Francisco Elson's super suit!

pumper - You get trufaner, because I'm convinced you're the same person!

Dalanel - A fresh carton of clementines!

TitansJonne - Vince Young's immaturity!

Brenton Lenaghan - A used Val Venis towel!

Scott Schroeder - A double-date with Dwayne Jones, Mike Harris, and Reggie Williams! You get to pick your date!

I know there are more that I missed, but it's Christmas and also the time for forgiving! Have a great day from the LB crew and make sure to buy last minute Liberty Ballers shirts for the people in your family you don't care about.

Love, Santa

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