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RUMOR: Orlando Magic Interested in Tony Battie

The Orlando Magic shipped off pretty much half their team on Saturday, including back-up center Marcin Gortat. Now without someone not named Malik Allen to take over for Dwight Howard in case of injury or foul trouble, rumors have popped up that the Magic are keeping an eye on our very own Tony Battie.

This, according to Tim Povtak of FanHouse:

The Orlando Magic have asked about the availability of both New York's Ronny Turiaf and Philadelphia's Tony Battie, hoping to fill quickly their new void at backup center behind Dwight Howard.

As with any other trade that occurs, the Sixers would have to get something back (what a novel concept!). So who are the Magic dangling as bait?

The Magic, according to NBA sources, would like to use backup point guard Chris Duhon as trade bait, but they also would be willing to use small forward Quentin Richardson to get what they want.

If that's what would be coming back, I want not part in it. Both Duhon and Richardson's contracts are multi-year and they would just take away more of the already limited playing time given to Evan Turner.

Ever since the day he was signed, I've felt Tony Battie has had no place on this team. He should not be getting playing time over the young guys who need minutes to grow as players. A young, project player could also have been obtained at a much lower cost either through an undrafted free agent or through the D-League.

Not the most earth shattering rumor to ever hit this franchise, I agree.

What do you guys think?

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