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Who's your favorite Sixer?

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Four months ago Mike asked who was your least favorite Sixer, now it's time to find out who your favorite is. I have a hard time deciding who my favorite Sixer is, and even which player's jersey I want to shell out cash for. I like most of the players on the roster – with the exception of Mo Speights – and I'm indifferent towards guys like Noce, Battie, Kapono, Brand, Brackins, and Songaila. That leaves Iguodala, Holiday, Meeks, Williams, Turner, Hawes, and Thaddeus Young as my favorite Sixers.

If I was forced to pick a favorite I'd have to go with Holiday, but I'm not as attached to him as I was Iverson, or other players on my favorite MLB and NFL teams. I'm still waiting for someone – whether he's currently on the roster or not – to latch onto as my definitive favorite basketball player. Besides the fact that they're not winning, and their status amongst the other great sports teams in Philadelphia, this is the reason the Sixers are lacking in attendance and recognition. They don't have a single player casual fans will pay to see every night and/or spend hard-earned money on his jersey. 

I realize there will never be another Iverson, but I'm dying for someone to captivate me as a fan – and the fan-base as a whole – half as much as Iverson did. I thought Turner was going to be the guy, but it hasn't happened yet. Luckily there's still time.

Anyway, I'm going with Holiday as my favorite Sixer, but could easily be swayed to Iguodala, Young, or even Turner. How 'bout you? Sorry if Willie Green was your guy.

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