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Bucher: Sixers Reject Blazers Offer for Iguodala

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Via ESPN chat ...

goyo. keizer, oregon [via mobile]: Can the Blazers trade for Andre igaduala "Iggy" trade away miller and pryzbilla & a first rounder? Or who can Portland get to improve?

Ric Bucher (1:48 PM): Heard they offered Batum and Przybilla for Iguodala and Philly didn't bite. My sense is they'll move Roy before they move Miller.

Batum's only 22. He's a good defender, a solid spot-up three point shooter, and a better fit with Holiday and Turner. It helps the Sixers in the long-run, and it's not out of the question that a healthy Przybilla along with Batum would improve the Sixers right now. Przybilla is also an expiring contract.

I would've taken the deal.


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