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2011 NBA Draft: Sixers Early Wish List

As we discovered last year, it's never too early to talk NBA Draft, especially when you root for a team with the third worst record in the league!

#missionBJ is in full force despite the Sixers current winning streak, but another top two pick seems unlikely considering the amount of luck involved. But fear not, there are plenty of potential top 10 prospects who fill a need for the Sixers.

Draft boards are extremely fluid this early, so some of the players currently in the top 10 may not be there come March; same goes for players outside the top 10. With that in mind below are the two big boards worth bookmarking:

Draft Express


I'm still in the preliminary stages of my research, and admittedly the least knowledgeable college expert of the four Liberty Ballers writers, but that won't stop me from dropping my early draft wish list – which is subject and guaranteed to change. Also, not all the players on my wish list are lottery picks. Jordan Hamilton from Texas is probably a mid-to-late first, at best.

In no particular order ...

  1. Harrison Barnes (#1 DX, #1 ESPN)
  2. Perry Jones (#2 DX, #2 ESPN)
  3. Jared Sullinger (#9 DX, #6 ESPN)
  4. Jonas Valanciunas (#4 DX, #7 ESPN)
  5. Terrence Jones (#6 DX, #4 ESPN)
  6. Jan Vesely (#7 DX, #10 ESPN)
  7. Donatas Motiejunas (#10 DX, #17 ESPN)
  8. Enes Kanter (#5 DX, #5 ESPN)
  9. Jordan Hamilton (#39 DX, #23 ESPN)
I complied my wish list based on the idea that the Sixers need a SF to play alongside Holiday and Turner –if/when Iguodala departs – particularly a guy who makes threes. I also went with size – another asset the Sixers desperately need. 

I showed you mine, now show me yours. 

Thoughts? Comments? Questions? Wish lists?

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