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SBP: Tuesday's Guests, Andre Iguodala's Tendon and Jordan Sams Breaking Rules

Happy Tuesday to all my Jack Shephard's and Vincent's out there in interweb land! We're headed off to Oklahoma City tomorrow, but beforehand, let's take another adventure into the depths of the Sixers Ball Pit (SBP for short). Bring your favorite Outfield album if you wish, it'll be a blast (Josie won't be there, she's on a vacation far away).

On the clipboard of fun for today we've got a bevy of Andre's tendon news, a road trip with Kate Fagan, Jodie Meeks delivering, some words from Noce, Elton Brand's resurgence, and where the Sixers stand with the rest of the teams in the NBA.

Reminder: if you like college basketball or just Mike's writing, check out his newest piece at Redonkulous Upside counting down the Top 25 teams (9-16 in this one).

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Iguodala's Status Unclear: CSN Philly

There is one thing Iguodala is definite about – his injury is nothing to ignore.

"It is a little stiff. The one thing we don’t want to have a problem with is coming back too fast and overcompensating and then something else happens," Iguodala said while wearing sweats and sneakers, showing no visible signs of weakness with the foot. "I am just being cautious and hoping that it doesn’t lead to something else."

"I haven’t practiced and I talked about that with the trainer as well not practicing and then just going right back in the flames too fast," he said. "Coming from just walking around to all-out sprinting and NBA action, so we will see how tomorrow (Tuesday) goes."

Same Article: Modie Jeeks Steps It Up

"He took advantage of his opportunity. He is a competitor; he is high energy; he is tough. He is not afraid to take big shots. I thought he helped turn the game around for us."

"In the summertime he (Collins) told me that," said Meeks, who finished against the Knicks with five points and three steals. "I knew when my opportunity came when I have an open shot to knock it down and try to minimize my mistakes as best I can."

More on Andre's Strained Tendon: Philadelphia Inquirer

Iguodala said he thought he might have been hurt last Tuesday in Washington, though the sprain was more obvious Wednesday when the Sixers hosted Indiana.

"I thought it was a bruise," Iguodala explained, "and [thought,] 'Just play through it and it'll go away.' "

"When it initially happened, I just played through it," he said. "I didn't think it was a big deal. So I kind of ignored it. I didn't tell the trainer until 11/2 games. And at halftime [Friday,] I told the trainer, 'Something's bothering me, [but] I could still play.' And he checked it out and said, 'No, it's not something you want to play with.' " 

Even with Bench Options, Collins Expects Andre to be Able to Play: Philadelphia Daily News

"It's still a little stiff," Iguodala said the day after his streak of 252 consecutive starts was halted. "The one thing we don't want to have a problem with is coming back too fast and overcompensating and something else happens. We're just being cautious."

Asked whether tomorrow is a possibility, Said Collins: "I would think, unless he had a dramatic setback or whatever, I would think that he would probably be able to go."

Same Article: Collins Tries to Keep Brackins' Spirits Up

"I used [Meeks] as an example when I talked to Craig Brackins about the one thing in this league is that you're always one ankle turn away from your opportunity to play," Collins said.

I would also think a simple deactivation of Dongaila would also do the trick, but hey, that's just me. 

A Brand New Season for Elton (Get It???): Hoops World

"[Collins and I] just talked about what he wanted from me," Brand said. "Physically, he wanted me to be at a certain weight. Leadershipwise, he wanted me to lead the younger team. He said he was gonna give me the ball. Give me some plays, utilize me the best."

By shedding weight and leading the youthful 76ers, Brand has been reviving his career. And by giving the veteran opportunities to score, Collins has the interior presence he needs to space the court for his array of young guards.

"He's 250 pounds, six percent body fat," Collins said. "He's been terrific. I cannot ask any more of anybody than I ask of Elton and he's been terrific with our younger players. I'm very, very happy with Elton Brand."

But Brand's revival isn't all physical. Some of it, he feels, is a response to Collins' strong leadership. And that's something the 76ers have been waiting for since Larry Brown's departure.

"He's a very emotional coach," Brand said of Collins. "Off the court, he's one of the nicest guys. On the court, at practice, he's one of the toughest guys. That's what our team needs."

Go 'On the Road' with Kate Fagan: Deep Sixer

Fagan answers some questions about life on the road for NBA players and NBA writers.

76ers Come in at 22 in NBA Power Rankings:

An eight-spot jump in the right direction. I'd say that's fair.

If it weren't for a flurry of late turnovers against the Cavs and a miracle three from Cartier Martin, the Sixers might have won all four of their games this week. Either way, they looked like a decent offensive team, shooting 51 percent and scoring 108.4 points per 100 possessions in the four games.

A Trip Inside Noce's Mind: ESPN Deportes

I hope he posts these with regularity. I don't want to have to keep picking out paragraphs from the same entry for the next couple weeks.

El hecho de que me hayan puesto de titular después de los dos primeros partidos me da confianza. Es un gran apoyo. De todas maneras lo importante es ayudar al equipo y eso es por lo que me valoran y me aprecian. Todavía no estoy al 100% físicamente. Espero poder estarlo pronto para poder mejorar y ser más regular. Así podré disfrutar plenamente de esta temporada, porque uno nunca sabe cuál será la última en la NBA.

Completely Un-Sixer-Related News of the Day: Jordan Breaks Rules 1 and 2 of 'Fight Club'

Anyone who's seen this film knows the rules. If you haven't seen it, here are rules one and two:

1st RULE: You do not talk about FIGHT CLUB.
2nd RULE: You DO NOT talk about FIGHT CLUB.

So after Jordan sees the film for what I'm guessing was the first time, what does he post on his Twitter but this:

not sure how I feel about fight club

Rookie mistake.

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