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Filed under: Ranks Sixers Dead Last in the Eastern Conference

Happy Tuesday, understudies. SB Nation's weekly power rankings came out early this morning and the results may be disconcerting to you Sixers fans who still think "winning" and "playoffs" are relevant words. In Week 5 of the rankings, our pal Rohan from At The Hive had this to say about the 15th ranked 76ers.

I've got nothing productive to say here, so I'll just mention that Dongaila (via Liberty Ballers) has got to be the funniest nickname of the year.

So even though the Sixers aren't doing well, LB has a contender for funniest nickname of the year. And that's certainly something for all of us to be proud of. You Don't Mess With The Rohan has us behind the likes of Toronto, Detroit, and Washington -- fitting, considering our record is worse than theirs. We're in the "Even a Sherpa Ain't Saving This Bunch" category, which is in keeping with the climbing metaphor that Rohan carries all the way through.

We got a game tonight folks, so use this as a complaining thread for how we're unjustly treated by the media and Hornets bloggers and other major conglomerates until Derek puts up the GameThread.

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