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Sixers Beat Nets for Fourth Win of the Season

Firstly, our very own Tanner Steidel was in attendance tonight with credentials and a recorder ready to ask anybody in the locker room about their favorite LOST conspiracy theory. Via text message, he alerted me of some amazing news which you will be informed of when Tanner gets his ass back up to Allentown and on his computer. Keep coming by because this is gonna be some great stuff.

Anyway onto the game, the Sixers broke their three-game losing streak behind a studly performance out of Jrue Holiday. He worked Devin Harris off the dribble all night, moving the ball and penetrating into the lane, where he scored six of his nine baskets. He finished with 20 points on 16 shots, 13 assists (to 1 turnover!), 4 rebounds, and 3 steals. He was +21 in his 37 minutes of action. His defense wasn't great on Dev, but with most of the Nets not hitting their shots (41% for the night) except for big man Brook Lopez, Harris took more outside shots than normal, hitting 3-7 outside of 15 feet. Really impressive out of Jrue, who was under control all night, dictating tempo and finding open guys everywhere on the court. Probably his best game all season.

Andre Iguodala and Elton Brand both had efficient games, scoring and rebounding well while limiting their turnovers. In fact, the whole team only coughed the ball up 5 times tonight, a season low. Louis Williams had a bounceback game, scoring 15 points on 9 shots, while adding 5 assists without any turnovers. Thaddeus Young played well again, especially in the 4th quarter where he helped the Sixers get 36 points and bury the Nets. He finished with 13 points on 7 shots. Jodie Meeks, fresh off his best performance as a pro, went cold early, then took an early 3 to Doug Collins' displeasure and sat for most of the game. Spencer Hawes and Marreese Speights still can't cover anyone. Lopez torched them all game. They kept him mostly off the defensive boards, but Kris Humphries of all people was there to clean up, getting 11 defensive rebounds.The Sixers won the rebounding battle tonight because of they got to floor boards and the Nets simply aren't a very good team. Nice to see regardless.

Tony Battie hit a three. Looks like we've found our deep threat. /resists urge to make deep throat reference. /fails.

Evan Turner and Derrick Favors may as well have not played tonight. At least ET took 8 shots tonight. The Sixers clubhouse is happy about the win but Evan continues to linger in the background, picking his rare spots. Soon, he'll step up and command the ball. We've just got to keep watching to see it when it happens. It'll be magical.

Sorry for the short 'cap tonight boys, I don't want to steal any of Tanner's thunder. Good home win -- that's 4-13 on the season. Jordan predicts 8-25 by New Year's. Optimism at it's finest here at Liberty Ballers.

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