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A Philadelphia 76ers Thanksgiving: Who's the Turkey?

Happy Thanksgiving to all my non-cooked turkeys out there. Good luck evading the greedy mitts of the procrastinating turkey poachers for the next few hours. Last Thanksgiving, we at Liberty Ballers were only a few days away from the signing of Allen Iverson. This year, we should be spared the desperate spectacle and be thankful for many things on this Sixers team at our little corner of the internet.

  1. Our number two pick, Evan Turner.
  2. One of the best young point guards in the game, Jrue Holiday.
  3. The resurgence of Elton Brand and the possible tradeability of his contract.
  4. The hugely impressive true shooting percentage of Thaddeus Young.
  5. Jason Kapono back on the bench.
  6. The addition of NoceOne as a site regular, among other people with names like JDC and JVR that I can't distinguish between.
  7. The Legend fanshotting everything this side of the Mississippi.
  8. Still no Willie Green.
  9. Pumpkin pie.
  10. #missionBJ shirts!!!!!

And we're not a wholly idealistic bunch, so here's a few things I'm not thankful for.

  1. Fouling three-pointers with less than five seconds left.
  2. Marreese Speights' negative win shares.
  3. Craig Brackins not playing.
  4. Little Fockers.
  5. Bleacher Report.

Let me know what you're thankful for in the comments and try not to vomit turkey onto your computer! We'll get a virus. Also make photoshops of current Sixers as turkeys because everybody likes photoshopped basketball turkeys. Feel free to make Danilo Gallinari jokes, too.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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