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Thorn: Craig Brackins Likely to Be Sent to D-League

From Philly Burbs ...

The Sixers, Nets and Knicks are affiliated with the Springfield (Mass.) Armor. The Sixers could send Brackins to Springfield as soon as next week, since Springfield plays five games in 10 days from Dec. 2-11.

"We probably will — more than likely pretty soon," said team president Rod Thorn in an email Tuesday. "He needs to get some playing time."

There's little reason for Brackins to be riding the Sixers' bench in a suit. Sending him to the D-League will get him valuable experience against NBA-caliber talent, allow him to stay conditioned, and polish his skills. 

The important news is here is the Sixers are actually taking advantage of the D-League rather than ignoring it. They haven't sent a player down to the D-League since 06-07 when Lou Williams and Bobby Jones both played three games for the Fort Wayne Flyers.

During Ed Stefanski's tenure as GM the Sixers completely neglected the D-League, whether it was sending players down, or signing players from. Thorn's only been President a few months and he's already used it more than Stefanski. Let's hope this becomes a trend, because I think it's a very valuable tool for NBA teams.

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H/T: The Legend

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