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76ers vs Wizards Game Thread: Revenge of the Cartier Martin debacle

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Philadelphia 76ers (3-10)


Washington Wizards (4-8)


TV: Comcast SportsNet

Tip Time: 7:00 PM Eastern

Location: Verizon Center

Mortal Enemies of the Night: BulletsForever

76ers vs Wizards coverage

Previous Games:

Nov 2nd: 116-115 (OT), Wizards

Key Stats:

oRTG: 76ers: 27th, Wizards: 28th

dRTG: 76ers: 11th, Wizards: 24th

eFG%: 76ers: 21st, Wizards: 16th

eFG% Allowed: 76ers: 10th, Wizards: 28th

oRB%: 76ers: 24th, Wizards: 9th

dRB%: 76ers: 9th, Wizards: 25th

Injuries: John Wall is a game time decision for Washington, but is expected to play. Andre Iguodala is also expected to return to the lineup.

This is your game thread. Discuss.