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SBP: Tuesday's Guests, Versatile Thad Young and NBA-Themed Cookbooks

Happy Tuesday fellow 76er debutantes! We're at the start of a pretty brutal schedule which will have the Sixers playing (losing?) four games in five days, three away from Philadelphia. Even worse, three of the four (although with the way Miami is playing it might be all four) games are easily winnable coming against the Wizards tonight, Raptors tomorrow, and Nets on Saturday.

In news that has nothing to do with the NBA or even basketball at all, I saw the new Harry Potter movie last night and found a couple things very humorous. First off, when explaining the legend about the three brothers and the Deathly Hallows, they depicted one of the brothers to look exactly like Abraham Lincoln. Secondly, I did not expect to see computer animated naked versions of Harry and Hermione making out during any part of that movie. Boy was I wrong. Overall, despite what Mike or Jordan will probably say, I thought it was a good movie that for once stuck to just about 100% of what went on in the book. 

Now, back on topic. Today we've got Jrue Holiday saying there is no need for revenge (the sound of it) against the Wizards, effects from a tough schedule, Thaddeus Young being versatile, cookbooks, and a little clip previewing the game tonight.

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Thad's Versatility a Positive for Sixers: Philadelphia Daily News

True, at times, not having a spot to call his own has hurt Young. But it also hurts other teams at times, when they can't match up with Young's abilities to play the small and big forward spots.

"Thad is doing a better job of playing both the three [small forward] and the four [power forward]," Collins said. "He's had some really good moments at the three, he's had some really good moments at the four. When we started the season out, I said I think he could be a nightmare matchup by being able to do that. On a particular night, if we need him as a three he can do that, or if we need him at the four he can use his speed and quickness."

Said Young, "I know (Collins) wants me to take the ball to the basket; if I don't have a play, make plays for other guys, take a wide-open jumper if I have it. If the guys in front of me are backing off, go attack them, bring my contact to them."

Jrue Holiday Already Feeling Effects of Tough Schedule: Philadelphia Daily News

"It is [brutal]," Holiday said. "My body's already been taking a toll, I've had to ice it a couple of times. Our schedule is kind of crazy, but what can we do about it? We've got to play through. Really, toward the end of the season it will come easier, hopefully. We play hard now, we learn now faster and then toward the end of the year we become a better, smarter team."

In the future, that will be great. But for now, it's a lot of lessons. And we all know how much fun they are. 

Iguodala Returns in Time for a 4 Game in 5 Night Stretch: Philadelphia Inquirer

After Washington, the Sixers will move on to Toronto on Wednesday and Miami on Friday before they return home Saturday against New Jersey.

"I think we've shown that we can play with most anybody," Collins said. "The only two games in which we were not competitive were Miami and San Antonio. I think, for us, it's continuing to play with the same kind of enthusiasm and all the things that put us in a position to have a chance to win games, and then we just have to do a better job of closing them out.

"And I'm hoping with Dre [Iguodala] coming back, it'll help us with that - not only on the defensive end and the offensive end, but as a proven guy."

A Preview of Tonight's Game in the District: CSN Philly

No Need for Revenge vs. Wizards; Just Need a Win:

Collins said he doesn't think the Sixers feel like they owe the Wizards for giving away the contest three weeks ago. That doesn't mean he hasn't had sleepless nights about it.

"As a coach, you never let those games go," Collins said. "You forget the game-winning shots and remember the ones that got away. It's a little like a golfer remembering the three-putts but not the two you chipped in."

"We need to win this game because of our record and because of us, not the last game," Holiday said. 

Completely Un-Sixer-Related News of the Day: The Dallas Mavericks Inspired Cookbook

The best one?

Dirk Nowitzkinned potatoes with Beaubois reduction sauce — A German dish that eats like a meal. Serve these and your guests will never leave hungry. The Beaubois sauce is a nice French twist on the standard potato, but no one’s quite sure how to use it just yet.

We need to come up with a Sixers and LB motif cookbook. What ideas do you guys got? I'll start it off with "Ricko's Pollo de Loco."

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