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Checking in with Former Sixers Willie Green, Jason Smith and Samuel Dalembert

Mid-air is probably not the best place for Jason Smith and Ryan Gomes to practice their Rocky Balboa impressions.
Mid-air is probably not the best place for Jason Smith and Ryan Gomes to practice their Rocky Balboa impressions.

If you'll recall, Willie Green and Jason Smith went to the Hornets for seldom-used Darius Songaila (Dongaila to his friends) and never-nude never-used Craig Brackins. Before that, Samuel Dalembert was traded to the Kings for Andres Nocioni, Spencer Hawes, and NoceOne. We're all too familiar with how the guys we received are doing, but let's check in with the erstwhile Sixers that are currently playing each other in Sacramento.

To start off, let's look at recent tweets about Willie Green.

At The Hive

Looks like Willie Green has decided to do all his regression to the mean in a single game. Yay.

Zach Harper

I'm thoroughly convinced Willie Green is trying to get kicked off the team with play on the court. It's the only reasonable explanation.

Evan Dunlap

Is there a less compelling basketball player than Willie Green?

Me, in response to them

Willie Green is a legend. He holds the record for 'most games in the starting lineup when he shouldn't be'. Prestigious.

More stat-like statistics after the jump.

Traditional Statistics

8.6 points on 45.2% shooting, 2.0 rebounds, 0.9 assists, 0.6 turnovers in 20.7 minutes per game

Advanced Statistics

11.7 PER, 48.8 eFG%, 10.7 DRB%, 7.3 AST%, 20.3 USG%, ORtg 102, DRtg 105, 0.078 WS/48

The Hornets had planned on using Willie as their backup point guard. This raised more than a few eyebrows of Sixers fans, who remember Willie dribbling out most of the clock before bricking an 18 foot jump shot. That didn't last long, as the Hornets traded for Jerryd Bayless (then traded him for actual point guard Jarrett Jack this weekend) and Willie moved to his natural 2 spot. Seemingly buried behind Marcus Thornton and Marco Belinelli, ol' Bill caught a break when Thornton went down for a few games and Green worked his voodoo magic to get starter's minutes. He's taken 9 or more shots in 7 of 11 games thus far.

Update: Read more Willie Green trashing after an awful game against the Kings from At The Hive. Rohan is getting almost as good as we are at dumping on Bill.

Jason Smith

Traditional Statistics

6.8 points on 44.9% shooting, 3.8 rebounds, 0.9 assists, 0.8 turnovers in 19.0 minutes per game

Advanced Statistics

11.9 PER, 44.9 eFG%, 14.5 DRB%, 7.7 AST%, 19.1 USG%, ORtg 103, DRtg 103, 0.100 WS/48

J-unSmooth has been better this year, mostly because he's been hitting his midrange jump shot. Rohan of At The Hive asked me recently how much range he has on his jumper and I told him that he can knock it down to 20 feet, but he's always been too hesitant to hit anything consistently. Now, with his usage rate up a few ticks, Smith is contributing more away from the basket. His first step is still lumbering, but he's been better defensively through the first eighth of the season, resulting in a pretty damn good WS/48. His assist rate is also higher than Willie's, which I find hilarious.


The trade wasn't made to help out this season and it was definitely an addition-by-subtraction deal. Minutes opened up for Evan Turner and (recently) Jodie Meeks as well as some scrub time for Marreese Speights, whose play has been splotchier than chicken pox. Dongaila has been fun to talk about at least, but I need Craig Brackins to play to lean this trade towards the Sixers again. Good for Smith and Green contributing to a 10-1 ball club.

Samuel Dalembert

Traditional Statistics

4.6 points on 40.4% shooting, 7.7 rebounds, 1.1 assists, 1.7 blocks in 22.2 minutes per game

Advanced Statistics

12.5 PER, 40.4 eFG%, 24.1 DRB%, 13.4 USG%, ORtg 97, DRtg 109, 0.033 WS/48

Almost all of this ugliness can be attributed to a groin injury that limited Sammy's preseason work and the Kings have been easing him into action. The most glaring inconsistency is his ineffectiveness on the defensive end, even on the boards, where his rate is his lowest in three years. As a much different player than rookie DeMarcus Cousins, the Kings are still trying to figure out the best way to use him to help their 4-7 team. Once they do, he'll anchor a young and improving club, giving Tyreke Evans a big target to hit down low.


It's clear how much the Sixers miss Dalembert. Obviously with his injury he has been less effective than he usually is, but considering the poor defensive play of Mo Speights and Spencer Hawes, his contributions have yet to be filled. I'd still make both trades again, but I'd feel much more comfortable doing it if Speights or Hawes steps up and Craig Brackins gets some sort of playing time.

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