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The Hunt for Loss 11: Milwaukee Bucks/Philadelphia 76ers Preview


Hello, earthlings. With Thanksgiving Break looming, I've got some time today to do a preview AND a thread. So consider yourself indulged and peep some stats and figures.

Fun Stats!

Team ORtg DRtg eFG% eFGa% 3PT% Highest WS/48 Pace
Milwaukee Bucks 101.2 99.6 46.0 47.9 35.0 Earl Boykins - 0.198 91.5
Philadelphia 76ers 102.5 107.0 48.4 48.9 35.0 Elton Brand - 0.177 94.9


Carlos Delfino - strained neck

Andre Iguodala - right Achilles tendinitis

Minutes at Center

Doug Collins has been shuffling minutes between Spencer Hawes (15.4), Tony Battie (11.8), and Marreese Speights (10.3) at the center position. And Elton Brand hasn't exactly been banging down low either, taking only 6.2 shots per game inside of ten feet with a 15.3 defensive rebounding rate. His win shares are nice to look at, but he's not a center, and it's really difficult to win basketball games without a center. At some point, Doug has to commit to either Speights or Hawes for 25+ minutes per game. Is tonight the night we get to see Craig Brackins play basketball? Probably not.

Turner on D

Last game against the Raptors, Evan Turner guarded box o' tools DeMar DeRozan, shutting him down for his worst game of the season in 32 minutes. Tonight, he'll split time between former Sixer John Salmons and owner of one of the fattest, most unnecessary contracts in basketball, Corey Maggette. While both guys are above average scorers and slashers in the league, each has put up eFG's under 44% through 11 games this season. If Turner can keep them out of the paint and force them to take jump shots, he should improve upon his 0.4 defensive win shares this season. Needless to say, him being more aggressive on the offensive end with Iguodala out of the lineup is ideal.

Jrue Holiday on Brandon Jennings

This will be fun. Jennings has gotten off to another hot start this season, playing much more effectively than he had in his rookie campaign, doubling his WS/48, shaving a few points off his DRtg, taking huge jumps in his eFG% and TS%, while lowering his usage rate all the while. Jrue has made very similar jumps, but as Jordan mentioned a few days ago, his defense hasn't looked all that great. Quote from the San Antonio loss:

Not to pick on Jrue, but I'm becoming more and more concerned with the amount of times he's getting absolutely toasted on defense. His D is supposed to be his meal ticket, yet it's been incredibly underwhelming through 10 games.

Tonight, on the lefty, Jrue will have a chance to win back some of that defensive dap we love throwing at him. Jennings went for 16 and 7 on 4-17 shooting in their last meeting. Keep both eyes on that matchup.


99-91 Bucks

Draft Update

First off, check out the new 2011 Draft Thread that Jordan fanshottied and add your early thoughts to prospective Sixers. Here's our boys so far.

Harrison Barnes (2 games) - 16.5 points on 13-23 shooting, 4-8 from three, 5.5 rebounds, 2.0 assists in 26 mpg

Perry Jones (3 games) - 14.3 points on 19-38 shooting, 0-1 from three, 9.0 rebounds, 2.0 assists, 2.0 blocks in 33.3 mpg

At 6'11, Perry is the better bet to play the 4, even though he's got the skill set to D up against smaller defenders and he'll need to bulk up to play the post in the NBA. Harrison is a clear wing and his efficient shooting will continue throughout the season.

Go Sixers and prospects! Thread soon.

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