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Time to Trade Iguodala?

Via Kate Fagan ...

If you watched Andre Iguodala in person, you'd see a very talented player playing below his potential. Or if you walked into the locker room after a game and saw a guy hunched over after yet another loss, you'd be nearing the same conclusion: It's time.


Iguodala wants to win, his trade value is high, and the Sixers are reassembling.

It's time.

Of course it's time. It's been time since last February.

Last trade deadline, Ed Stefanski seemed to be confused on what kind of package he wanted in return for his best player. He claimed he'd only make a trade if it improved his team on the basketball court, and made "basketball sense", rather than a "financial decision".

That's not what it's time for. It's not time for an Iguodala for Deng swap. It's not time to make an attempt to get equal value for Iguodala. Like Fagan wrote, the Sixers are reassembling. Trading Iguodala for young pieces and/or draft picks and cap relief is the logical next step.

Luckily, "basketball sense" Stefanski isn't running the show anymore.

However; the phrase "it's time" doesn't mean "it's time right now". Iguodala is off to an awful start to the season, he's nursing an achilles injury, and the trade market has yet to take shape. We're only 10 games into the season. Allow Iguodala get healthy, back to playing Iguodala basketball, and wait for a desperate, delusional team to emerge and rob them of their young assets.

Much more on this in the coming weeks, but Fagan's right. It's time.

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