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"Speezy Says" Volume Four: Conclusing, Big Heads, and Smh

It's been a while since last checking up on the young scribe from Florida. I think once a month is probably a good way to go about this, so that's what I'll do. Since last time, Marreese Speights has changed his Twitter handle to @MoSpeights and is no longer @MoSpeezy, but that won't be changing the title of this segment. Check the earlier versions if you're not sure how this works.

I Hate when females always hate on the next girl because they can't have you.

I'm a very desirable man. Girls dig me. I'm like the David Duchovny of big men off the bench.

I think I am the best in Philly in 2k11

(This is probably just untrue)

we in ciny ww play the cabs tonight here bro

There's not much to do in Cincinnati so my friends and I gamble on the cabs. You take a taxi from one side of the city to the other for as many times as it takes to have the same cab driver twice. Winner gets to stop paying for useless car rides.

I hate when ppl always stalking somone page In always jumping to conclusing . Nobody don't got to lie to you .

I facebook stalked this girl and she found out and now she wants to date me. I'm not lying, but I don't want to date her. She's very nice though. Also, I'm not sure what conclusing means or how I can jump to it.

I would call your big head ass out but I am going to let u keep making yourself look like a fool smh. People just can't let go.

Placido Polanco had a great season.

I am glad I left trash in my past I am feeling better than I ever have. I only have to answer to one person now in that's the god

I used to be a garbage man and the job paid well but I didn't like having to go to work so early. Also, I smelled like bananas and lighter fluid. Now that I play basketball, I smell like hardwood floors and statistics.

You come at me talking about what sombody said . But u in the club giving your number out to my boy. Lmao life is to funny

Ladies leave your man at home, the club is full of ballers and their pockets full grown. And all you fellas leave your girl with her friends, cuz it's eleven thirty and the club is jumpin' jumpin'.

Boosie boo


Trust me you won't get under my skin at all so whatever u do I don't give a flying f-c- . You going to feel bad not me . Off that

Momma said knock you out.

That's it for me! Soak this baby in -- I'll check back in with Mr. Speezy in December. Good tidings and good Speezy.

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