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RUMOR: Iguodala Drawing Interest; Sixers Not Budging

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Via Chris Broussard ...

The Hornets have already contacted Philadelphia about Andre Iguodala. But the Sixers, who aren't yet sure they're willing to move Iguodala, rebuffed them fairly quickly. Philadelphia's getting lots of calls about Iguodala and will have plenty of options if it decides to trade him.

A potential offer ...

New Orleans might be a viable one, with the Hornets capable of throwing in a young talent like Marcus Thornton or Marco Bellinelli alongside Stojakovic.

Kate Fagan confirms Sixers stance ...

There's been a lot of talk about including Iguodala in a trade, but as of right now, it seems the Sixers are not trying to trade Iguodala. There will need to be a change in upper management's thinking before Iguodala gets peddled because right now -- according to a source close to Iguodala -- he has been repeatedly assured that the team is not trying to trade him and does not want to trade him. Obviously, there is a difference between the Sixers trying to trade Iguodala, and a team approaching the Sixers with a great deal. There is no guard against the latter.

Trading Iguodala is the correct move, barring a pure salary dump. If the Sixers are able to trade him for a cheap young player with reasonable upside – preferably a young big man like Derrick Favors or Serge Ibaka, since they already have Jrue, Lou and Turner manning the backcourt – a draft pick and cap relief, it would be a success. As I wrote in July, the Sixers have a 2-year window to trade Andre before it potentially sets the franchise back another decade. Two years is ample time, so there's no rush, but if the Sixers are presented with a good offer they have to take it.

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