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Elton Brand to Give Away EB3 Shoes to Kids

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Via an e-mail I received from Converse Basketball, Elton Brand is releasing his EB3 signature shoe and distributing it to upwards of 100 kids from ages 12 to 18 free of charge. They'll be participating in a series of pick-up games where they'll also get some sweet-ass Converse gear. Unfortunately this event is not open to the public, otherwise I'd give you all the scoop on the whens and wheres. I wish Chuck Taylor's were still cool to play ball in instead of lame, punk expressions of irony.

Here's the shoe, the third in Elton's series, going for $65 retail in adult sizes. It's available only where we all shop 'til we drop -- JC Penney.


Looks sort of plain to me. The kind of meat-and-potatoes shoe that you'd expect of Mr. Brand. If you're an undersized power forward with a solid mid-range game but lacking in post moves, this is the shoe for you. It also wouldn't hurt if you were injury-prone. Either way, props to EB for giving away some free merch and helping out with the kids in Philly.