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Defending the Dalembert Trade Once More

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Over the past few days I've seen complaints on how terrible the Dalembert trade was because it resulted in a roster lacking any interior defense or rebounding. It's a valid concern, but it's short-sighted.

The people predicting 40+ wins for the Sixers are vastly underestimating the loss of Dalembert. He was a top 5 rebounder, our only interior defense and arguably our second best player. As I've said numerous times, trading him for Hawes and Nocioni makes the Sixers a much worse team right now. However; the best possible outcome this season is another top 5 pick, and having Dalembert on the roster obviously hurts those chances. He also takes minutes away from Speights, Hawes and Brackins. Whether or not any of the three ever amount to anything is irrelevant. The important thing is seeing how much potential each have, and don't have. 

If all you want out of this season is 40 wins and a first round playoff loss, then yeah, you should be irate with the trade. But if you want the Sixers to look past this season and attempt to build a champion in the future, the Dalembert trade makes a whole lot of sense. 

Disclaimer: Unlike last year I will not be rooting against the Sixers (at least openly). No #MissionWTFs, no lottery updates, nothing. I'll strictly be rooting for development and competitive, entertaining basketball. If that results in 40 wins and a whoppin' by the Heat in the first round, awesome. If it results in 20 wins and Perry Jones, also awesome.

Regardless of win total I remain confident that the Sixers will be infinitely more enjoyable to follow, both on and off the court. Although that second pre-season game definitely gave me Eddie Jordan flashbacks.