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76ers @ Pacers Game Thread/Preview

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Philadelphia 76ers (0-2)



Indiana Pacers (1-1)


TV: The Comcast Network, NBA League Pass Channel 8

Radio: 610 WIP

Tip Time: 8:00 PM EDT

Location: Conseco Fieldhouse

Vegas Line: 5.5 (Pacers)

Mortal Enemies of the Night: Indy Cornrows

76ers vs Pacers coverage

Late last season these two teams were battling it out for Draft Lottery positioning until the Pacers went on a late- season run, removing any chance of a top 3 pick. Tonight the two will battle it out as two mediocre teams hoping to sneak into the playoffs in a weak Eastern Conference.

Both teams will be playing the second of a back-to-back, but the Pacers have the luxury of playing at home. The Pacers hold a significant size advantage, and their ability to block shots and score inside may give the Sixers fits tonight. Hibbert, Hansbourough and McRoberts have all had nice starts to the season, and they should feast on the Sixers lack of interior defense. Elton Brand has been surprisingly adequate through two games, but outside of him the Sixers have nobody. Collins may have to go small and attempt to out-run the Pacers.

Although the Pacers have size, none of their bigs are great rebounders, so the Sixers 'rebound by committee' strategy should hold be able to hold up.

All signs point to a Pacers win and a third loss for the Sixers, but the way the Sixers have fought the first two games, it wouldn't surprise me if the Sixers pulled off the mild upset. Should be interesting to watch since the teams are have fairly similar levels of talent.

Go Sixers!