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Sixers Links: The Day After

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Kate Fagan recaps the game; talks Turner, Holiday: Deep Sixer

When Turner landed, he turned and looked at LeBron, tilting his head and raising his arms with a definite look of: What's that about? You're going to run under me on a dunk? Immediately, Turner let the look dissipate, probably because he saw that LeBron did not intend to run under him, perhaps because he instantly remembered who he was messing with.

It was only one second, but it reminded you that Evan Turner is legitimate. His swagger was, finally, on display last night.

VIDEO: Fagan recaps the game with Noah Coslov: Deep Sixer

Bill Simmons came away impressed after seeing Evan Turner in person: Twitter

Really impressed by Evan Turner in person. Totally unafraid. He actually wants to cover Wade and try to shut him down. And he's hustling.

Henry Abbott on the Sixers not selling out: TrueHoop

"It's a dreadful city," he said, walking away into the night, before I could ask my last question: If this game isn't going to sell out, will any?

[snip] have to cross your fingers that Doug Collins can bring some NBA excitement back to Philadelphia, because right now the hottest ticket in town seems to be in front of a TV.

VIDEO: Postgame interviews from Collins, Turner and Brand:

If our guys will give this kind of effort every night then our fans will appreciate that, and it's going to equate to some wins.

Turner crosses Wade: YouTube

Game one box score, rotations, four factors: Philly Arena

Enrico recaps the game and talks about the atmosphere at the Wells Fargo Center: The 700 Level

If [Iverson's return] was a bit like seeing Mick Jager and the modern day Rolling Stones one last time, Wednesday night was like seeing an indie band you think may have the potential to be something big some day. And boy, that one song they played, the one where Evan Turner did the jab, the cross, and the jumper over Dwyane Wade... that one had the crowd going crazy.