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Sixers starting lineup set for opener

reported last week that it appeared the Sixers were close to deciding on a starting lineup, and the lineup -- Jrue Holiday at point guard, Andre Iguodala and Jason Kapono on the wings, with Elton Brand and Spencer Hawes down low -- is indeed the one the Sixers will send out there on opening night tomorrow against the Heat.

The need for a shooter is legitimate, and the team may be marginally more competitive as a result (although the downgrade on the defensive end that comes with Kapono starting limits this gain).  That being said, I'm very disappointed by the decision.  This is a team that may struggle to win 30 games, and a moderate improvement in the lineup means little to me.  Evan Turner's future on this team is not as a backup point guard, and getting Turner, Holiday and Iguodala on the same page offensively and developing together is the main priority of what will likely be an otherwise tough season to watch.

If this is just bringing Turner along slowly, I can stomach this move.  If this is Doug Collins looking for a short term marginal improvement in wins, and he is still of this mindset come January, it will be a mistake.  Collins should have enough job security to do what's best for the team long term.  Even if the trio ends up not being a good fit together, I'd rather give them a shot to develop together rather than assuming it's a failure.  Hopefully, this is only temporary to give Turner a chance to get his feet wet in the NBA.

Thoughts?  While not exactly surprising -- you could see this coming for the last week -- this is disappointing, to me at least.

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