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Trent Plaisted Signs in Croatia

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You might be asking yourself why I'm posting at 5am on a Monday. You might have forgotten I'm in Los Angeles and it's only 2am. HA! Time is of no importance when matters of Trent Plaisted are at hand.

The recently cut Sixer was quickly scooped up by Cedevita in Croatia to dominate the Europe circuit for a while. If you follow that link, neither of those gentlemen are Mr. Plaisted. Aaron Pettway is pretty friendly though, so I'd ask him for a candy bar. I heard they had good meats in Croatia -- so Trent, if you're reading this, bring home a pastrami for poppa.

We're still on that hunt for the elusive final Sixer on the roster, I'm still appalled that Tony Battie played (good) minutes the other night, and the basketball season is mere milliseconds (a lot of them though) away. Keep an eye out for passing cars, I'd rather none of ya'll got clipped before the Heat game.

This post was about Trent Plaisted, right? Go Trent!