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Sixers Pre-Season: A Few Advanced Stats

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Thanks to this beautiful creation by Akis from Pick and Scroll, I was able to calculate advanced statistics for the Sixers during the pre-season. Given the size of the sample, the mixing and matching of lineups, and the watered-down talent during the pre-season, these numbers have minimal meaning. But for rookies like Evan Turner and Craig Brackins, it's awesome to get a first glimpse at their advanced stats against some form of NBA competition. 

Numbers after the jump.

DREB% (% of available defensive rebounds player grabbed while on the floor)

When the Sixers traded Sam Dalembert to the Kings they lost the third best defensive rebounder in the NBA. Even with Dalembert the Sixers still ranked in the bottom 10 in team rebounding, so losing him and replacing him with virtually no one leaves the Sixers in a bad spot – possibly the worst defensive rebounding team in the league. Multiple players will have to step up to fill the rebounding void left by Dalembert. Below are the team's DREB% for the pre-season. (In between 24-30 is really good, 20-24 is around average, and below 20 is poor for a big man ... Sammy's was 30.7 last season.)

Turner - 22.5%

Iguodala - 18.5%

Holiday - 18.1%

Speights - 23.1%

Brackins - 16.2%

Hawes - 17.2% (Only 28 minutes played)

Brand - 17.0%

Young - 10.8%

Great numbers from Holiday, Turner, Iguodala (especially Turner), and solid numbers from Speights.


TOV% (Turnovers per 100 plays)

Holiday - 23.0%

Turner - 21.6%

Iguodala - 14.0%

Young - 10.8%

Williams - 9.9%

Speights - 13.8%

If Jrue continues to turn the ball over at his pre-season clip he'll finish as a top 3 turnover-prone guard next season.


USAGE (% of team's plays used by player while he was on the floor)

Holiday - 21.2%

Turner - 16.1%

Iguodala - 18.9%

Williams - 23.8%

Speights - 26.7%

Speights lead the team last year at 25.1%.


TS% (Takes free throws into account)

Holiday - 48%

Williams - 64%

Turner - 46%

Iguodala - 55%

Speights - 47%

Young - 47%

Lou Williams 64% would've ranked number one in the NBA last season among players who played at least 1,000 minutes. Steve Nash was the number one ranked guard at 62%.


eFG% (FG% taking 3's into account)

Holiday - 43%

Williams - 57%

Turner - 31%

Iguodala - 49%

Speights - 35%

Young - 40%

Dalembert lead the team last year at 55%.