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Sixers Pick Up Options on Holiday and Speights, Waive Plaisted and Quinn

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In a less than shocking turn of events, the 76ers announced they've picked up the 3rd year option on Jrue Holiday, 4th year option on Marreese Speights, and waived Trent Plaisted and Chris Quinn.

This puts the current Sixers roster count at 14.  I'm guessing none of the parties involved in these moves were surprised in the least.  Seeing as Chris Quinn was called "Chris Dunn" by Sixers broadcaster Marc Zumoff, the writing was already on the wall (in blood to make it worse).  Plaisted was probably let go based on his choice of black shoes while sporting a white uniform and white socks.  In all seriousness though, I wish the best of luck to them in continuing their basketball careers wherever the world may take them.

Congrats to the Jruth and Speezy on getting their options picked up for another season.  It'll be quite the ride watching Jrue develop into a true NBA point guard and also to see if Marreese will ever pass the ball and give some effort on the defensive end.