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Elton Brand Plays Oprah, Helps Philly Kids

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Z-Axis Elton! (Permission to use photos granted by TeamWorks Media)
Z-Axis Elton! (Permission to use photos granted by TeamWorks Media)

So remember last week when I mentioned Elton Brand was working with Converse to give out some free swag and play some hoops for a select number of Philly kids at Girard College? Me too. Well it happened, and word has it, it went well. Elton used his size to dominate the fifth graders, but against the more able young men of the eighth grade, EB's midrange game was on full display. Try getting a hand up, punks!

Good for Elton getting out there, apparently the kids were ecstatic to meet him.

Pictures and fun captions after the jump.


Good form, Elton. Peep the kid doing the Charlie Manuel in his tremendously big green shorts though.


Elton knows how to work the mic, riiiiiiight?


Click to blow up. Find me Elton Brand, the girl from Miss Congeniality 2, and a big Marc Jackson clone and you win a stolen pair of EB3's!