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"Speezy Says" Volume Three: Gators and Safe Sex

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When we last left our wayward big man's twister, he was pondering the correlation between Philly cheesesteaks and fat stomachs. Let's see what Marreese Speights had to say since then. If he is out for any significant time with his knee injury, expect his twinkie to blow up even more. Do it to it.

Shout to my home team Tampa Bay Rays we will see the philies again in the world serious . Better out come this time around .

I don't foresee Cliff Lee sporting a 1.12 ERA over two starts, totaling 21 strikeouts to zero walks. Due to my being from the Tampa Bay area, I am ignorant about baseball.

@PhillyReem yo text me my dress fool

Oh good, you're wedding dress shopping! Please send me a picture message of your favorite dress so I can see how it looks on you! Fool.

We lost can't do nth about it but get better at pratice . We will get it together. Best thing about preseason games win or lose still 0-0

Preseason games don't matter, but Evan Turner's probably gonna be a bust anyway.

(Lil boosie )say safe sex but somtimes I hate to put it on lmao

I'm not very educated on the risks of unprotected sex.

If u don't no now u no

If you were not aware before, then you are currently knowledgeable.

How u going to call my phone asking me about a chick bro u better kick rocks I don't no your chick

(no translation)

Why is these gator fans booing the gators

Cannibalism is bad.

When Lil bow wow was 15 years old was he a bigger name than JUSTIN BIEBER ?

That's My Name > Baby

Fried ice cream where they do that at Oneofmyfollowers going to have fun this weekend in gvill for homecoming with they boo

iheardifyousmashallyourwordstogethersomebodywillgiveyoufreeicecream. (sucks in air)

Love my boys y'all no who yalll r

I love Jordan, Mike, Tanner, and Derek.

Keep up the good work, Marreese! Shower us in all your wisdom and philosophies! If you don't know, then now you know.