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Top 10 Most Inflammatory Statements Since the Sixers Drafted Evan Turner

It hasn't even been four months since that fateful June 24th Manhattan night, but we've all cycled through a lot of emotions in the time that followed. Usually JasonB handles the "Top" lists at SBN Philly but I wanted to get in on the action before the regular season started and some actual basketball gets played. 

Now that Evan has played a few games of improved "basketball", some of the sky-is-fallingness has thinned, but the negativity and irrationality haven't left for good. Let's take a look at the top ten most wildly incorrect and JtC Map-worthy assertions that have surfaced around.

1. Evan Turner can't play with Andre Iguodala

Is it possible that since they share a similar skill set, their redundancy will not play on the court? Yes. Are neither of them terrific jump shooters that are capable of stretching the floor for slashing? Yes. Does answering my own questions get annoying? Absolutely. But that doesn't make it a forgone conclusion. Let's outline a few reasons why they will succeed together. One, they are both young. Two, they are both good at basketball. Three, they are both unselfish. Four, who gives a crap -- we suck and they're our two best players so we should let them work out the kinks in regular season action. I think they'll compliment each other wonderfully as the season goes on, especially on the defensive end.

Follow my breadcrumbs with the click of your mouse.

2. Evan Turner isn't athletic enough for the NBA

Personally, I'd rather he have the average athleticism and high IQ of Brandon Roy then the inverse of Gerald Green. He's aware enough on the court to make up for his less than stellar athletic ability. He's got a better first step than people give him credit for also.

3. Evan Turner is out of shape

This is from the Summer League fiasco. He hadn't played actual basketball in three months and was going up against guys that were hungrier and more game-ready than he was. Working out with the coaches, he's getting to where he needs to be for the season.

4. Evan Turner looks like a nerd

Nerds are cool. Basketball is cool. This is hybrid awesomeness in its finest form.

5. Evan Turner can't play with Jrue Holiday

Kate Fagan wrote one article about how they look off playing next to each other and now everybody's calling for somebody to get sent to the gallows. If gallows still existed, I'd tell the undertaker to slow his roll because once again, it's preseason. Jrue is 20 and a year removed from a one-and-done at UCLA. Evan skipped out after his junior year. It'll take some time, so anything remotely suggesting Evan and Jrue shouldn't spend 30+ minutes of quality time together on the court is ignoring logic and their potential.

6. Evan Turner went to Ohio State, and is therefore a punk

OK nobody's really saying this, but Ohio State sucks and I seriously question The Villain's motives on going there. Let's chalk it up to a girlfriend issue and call it a day. Maurice Clarett says hi.

7. We should have drafted Derrick Favors instead of Evan Turner

Favors is a huge huge huge project. He's a terrific defensive prospect right now but the offense has a ways to go and he's still figuring out how to play the game. He could be great, and he'd fill a need for this roster, but we're not winning any championships with this roster, so going with what they thought was the BPA is something nobody should be faulting them for. Any youtube-related Favors/Turner arguments will be vehemently ignored.

8. Evan Turner should start the season on the bench

If this is to "send a message" to Evan or "keep the veterans happy" then I call Doug Collins' moral compass to the stand. I'd maybe buy the argument to give him a challenge and make him outwork Thaddeus Young, Jodie Meeks, and Louis Williams for that final spot, but if it were me, I'd announce him as the 2-guard right away. Tell him it's his job and he has to work to make this his team. Keeping him on the bench is just a waste of time.

9. We should trade Evan Turner for Carmelo Anthony

Getting Carmelo doesn't make us a playoff team, nor does it help our interior rebounding or three-point defense. We're multiple pieces away from a title so starting to play Doctor Patchwork this early is very ill-advised. Carmelo is a very good player, but he's mostly limited to being a scorer. Also, it isn't guaranteed that Melo would sign an extension past this year to make any trade worth it. Doctor Patchwork is the name of my teddy bear.

10. Evan Turner is a bust

God help you if you say these words around me. Five summer league games and four preseason games down and some people are ready to stamp a big fat BUST on his player card? I'm blown away by how quickly people judge a few meaningless games from a rookie. I'm going into this season with some expectations but no "turn the franchise around this year" ones. Keep in mind that he's a rookie with a great head on his shoulders and plenty of good mentors at his disposal.

Even if things don't go his way early on, I'm 100% confident he'll bounce back. Becoming a superstar is a different topic altogether, but for now, let's pump the brakes on the negativity because we've got a great kid with a ton of potential on our hands.

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