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Pre-Season: Sixers Fall to Raptors in Double OT; Jrue Records Triple-Double

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Box Score

Raptors HQ

Update: Speights left the game with a strained hamstring.

The scheduled broadcast mysteriously disappearing from League Pass's lineup caused me to miss tonight's game. Here are a few thoughts about the numbers I see in the box score. If any of you watched the game, give thoughts in the comments. 

  • Despite it being pre-season, against the Raptors and in double overtime, it was still nice to see Jrue Holiday put up a triple-double. 18 points on 12 shots, 11 boards, 12 assists, 3 steals and only 2 turnovers. These are the lines that get me excited about Jrue Holiday. I'll be interested to hear from people who watched the game whether his play matched the numbers. He also got to the line 4 times, which is nice to see.
  • Evan Turner led the team with 12 rebounds. It's the one skill Evan hasn't missed a beat on during his time with the Sixers. Could he lead the team in rebounds this season?
  • Craig Brackins did his best Mo Speights impression by scoring 15 points in 22 minutes, while only grabbing 3 rebounds.
Up next: Tuesday @ Cleveland