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Sixers @ Raptors Pre-Season Game Thread

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Pre-season game number two in as many days for the Philadelphia 76ers. Tonight we travel across the border down to Mexico up to Toronto to visit our old friend Reginald Fairfield Evans.

After struggling with the Celtics U-17 squad last night, we hope to see some improvement from the starting lineup, especially the front line. It would be nice if our starting center (as of now I'm presuming it will be Elton Brand)could record more rebounds than Karl Winslow does, unlike last night (hint: his total rebounds rhyme with beero). Also, I'm setting the over/under in time it takes for Marreese Speights to get winded (based off reports from Doug Collins that he's out of shape) and crave a corn dog at 20.5 minutes.

This one, yet again, will not be televised but if it's former Sixers you want, Billy Green and the Hornets will be on NBA TV against the Joel Anthony led Heat at 8:00.

Game starts at 7:00 PM eastern boyz.

Follow along with all the action with the play-by-play and post some thoughts in the comments. The choice is yours, and yours alone.

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