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Meet Your New Sixers Color Guy: Eric Snow

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According to Kate Fagan's twizzler, whoever is in charge of delegating broadcast duties has decided that Eric Snow's work on NBATV is worthy of parking his bottom in the hot seat next to the one and only Marc Zumoff. The former point guard is a 13-year NBA vet, spending seven of his best years donning the red, white, blue, and gold, etc etc. He's most remembered for his ability to take a charge and his spectacular suits (this is what came up when I typed in "eric snow suits"). 

With Aaron McKie as an assistant and Eric back in the booth, if I were a front office bigwig, I'd look into bringing George Lynch on as a styling consultant, Tyrone Hill as a ticket salesman, and Matt Geiger as resident movie critic. Imagine if Allen Iverson were still here. OK, stop imagining. Can a brother get a Pat Croce sighting?

Zumoff has endured a number of co-star replacements over the past few years, most recently the departure of one-and-done Easy Ed Pinckney, now an assistant for the Chicago Bulls. Hopefully he's there to teach Joakim Noah about the importance of diction. Bob Salmi was here for a bit but I grew up with Steve Mix (from Mixville a'course) and yearn for those days of consistency at the mic. Hopefully Eric Snow brings that to the booth. 

I spent my best and most enthusiastic years of my NBA career with this organization and its fans.

Spank the jump for a list of possible catchphrases for E-Snow to employ too often. The Legend gets the h/t

After a dunk...

Kerplunk! That dunk was the funk!

Better hope there's no traffic, because you can take that to the bank! And you don't want the bank to close while you're stuck in traffic!

Hold onto your butts!

After a three-pointer...

What the hell is that arced line doing there? I have never seen that before in my life.

After anyone secures a rebound...

Fingertip control, right Marc?!

After a game-winning basket...

E-Snow 3:16 says we just whooped your ass!

Like mostly-forgotten Sopranos character Big Pussy Bonpensiero after season two, this baby is over!

Anybody want a peanut?

What's your favorite future E-Snow catchphrase?!